Thursday, June 2, 2011

God Who Loves

I have come to know and believe this Love that God poured out for me
And for all who will believe in the One that sets us free
So with every breath that comes, I'll make known this God who loves.

So let us lift our broken hands and bring strength to our weakened knees
That we may run to the God who loves and brings everlasting peace

Your love sings over us
Your love reigns victorious
Your love brings glory to Your Name in all the earth

Your love pours unendingly
Your love shines for it is Holy
Your love never fails to lift me up though I have fallen to the ground

Your love brings peace to all
Your love it saves my soul
Yes it broke the chains that bound me
I was lost, but Your love found me
I pour Your love on those around me
For my God is God who loves.