Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You are my All in All

Jesus You heal my soul
Raised me up and made me whole
I called, Your answer gives me strength
In weakness Your power goes the length
No height, no depth can separate
All that You've done, I do give thanks
To You alone all glory given
For You were dead but now You are risen!
Your perfect love, shown on the cross
Has cast my fear, Lord I am lost
For words to say how much You've done
Transformed my death to life, I've come
To tell You know, here on my knees,
You are my all, my everything
No rocks will cry, no trees will ring
In my place, it's for your grace I sing...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random but Intense thoughts from the morning....

God created all things. He is the sustainer of all things. He is the only one who is worthy, and all the worth of everything else is given and put on by God.

You are worth only the worth that God gives you. Just as the worth of the planets are only worth as much as God has given them. The standard of worth in the universe is the worth that God places on a given thing.

God allows and knows every breath we take. If we live another minute, it is because God said it could be so. He is so much greater than us and we ourselves are worth nothing.

Apart from God we are worth nothing. Because of God our worth is great. He sent his son and died for us..thats how much we are worth to God. No other living or non living things has God done anything like that for. Not even the angels.

If we take our identity from somewhere besides God we are putting our worth in something worthless and we become worthless in the world.

We have no right to tell God what to do and we really have no right on our own to talk to God at all. He, in his divine wisdom and love, CHOOSES to allow us to talk to Him but that is because of no merit of worth of our own. And because of our sin we not only have no worth or right aside from God but we have chosen to give up the worth given by him in search of creating our own worth. We should fear God because he has all things under control and could at any time, in righteous judgement destroy us at any moment. We have no right to live and we have no worth so its pointless for us to exist.

BUT, God gives us worth and a chance to live and raises us above all creating and all the universe. Not because of who we are or what we did or even because of our faith(our faith simply allows us to accept His gift). It is just because he loves us.

If our identity is in God our worth is so great that all of the universe is in our inheritance and is subject to us.

We have no choice or right to do anything but to surrender to Him EVERYTHING and accept ALL that He allows us.

Time to get dressed I guess...