Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Am Deeply Sorry Sunday...

I think we owe an apology to Sunday. We've robbed it of all that it was intended to be and instead placed it at the back of the line. Most every calendar in America puts sunday at the beginning of the week, where it was meant to be, but who actually puts it there in their head? Definitely not me, and most likely not you. Christ rose again, proclaiming new life, on a Sunday which is why the early church switched its worship day to Sunday. It's supposed to mean new life, new beginnings, aliveness. We were meant to START our week off worshipping God so that we can remember all that we experience throughout the rest of the week! Instead we tag it onto the back end of our week and we start monday morning all things that before then go into "last week" in our minds and are put aside.

I do the same thing every week and I work at a church! We sit around each week planning for "this sunday", and what we think God wants the message to be for our church "this sunday"....NO! This sunday was the sunday that started at the beginning of the week, "this sunday" should be what we are still talking about as we live this week and seek to be His servants! As I prepare for the coming sunday it should be instead "what does God want for us next week?" And that is what we plan for that upcoming sunday!

I believe that if we started seeing Sundays as the beginning of the week instead of the end, we would see a change in how going to church impacts our lives, how worshipping together impacts our lives, how God impacts our lives. We need to apologize to sunday for what we have done to it and return it to its created, destined, and rightful place at the beginning of our week.
Today is Sunday night and I am praising God for the amazing way He has started this week, I cannot wait for the rest of it!