Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fusion Camp!

I am here at Malenovice for fusion music/arts camp and its been great! The camp focuses on many different kinds of art forms including music, drama, dance, and media arts and its been really cool to see so many students producing so many kinds of art all over camp! It has been a different experience for me personally than my other camps because I am one of only 3 english only speaking people so the camp is entirely in Czech which has made some things challenging (like knowing whats going on) but there are students I can still talk to in my very basic czech as well as some that are very good in english that I have connected with as well. Its cool to see how music can bring people together as well even without any talking nessasary, the choir time here has been really great for that. :) I have been talking to many of the leaders as well and seen and heard that God is doing much work here as well during discussion times where students have been hearing the story of God and talking about what they think and what it means to them. It has been really a great experience so far.
Please be praying for continued work in students lives and wisdom for all the camp leaders and christians to be a great witness to the almost half of students who are non christians. Also please be praying for me as well that I would continue to have energy and passion for my work and place here even though it is sometimes harder to find and know.
3 more days of camp and then a concert....can't wait!