Monday, June 15, 2009

My nicknames for God

The Lord is my...

I recently got a new job doing some administrative temp work at a nearby prison and it is great! The work isn't too hard, the people are fun and the pay is better than any other job I have had, He has really been blessing me and showing me that I can trust in him to provide.

With starting a new job, preparing a mission team, counseling, leading worship, its definitely been a busy summer so far, much busier than I anticipated. But in my time with Him I have found passion, excitement, strength, love, and discipline to get done what I need to in this time. I also trust that He will continue to be my source for life through the rest of the summer so I am not burned out.

Leader and my Example
I have found that God has been my leader and example in some of the relationships with both friends and family lately. I have found that seeking people for relationships does not make a solid love foundation; but often in seeking Christ you will find people, and with Christ at the center you can truly find the love God designed for us to have together.

I could go on, but I am getting tired. But what God has really been teaching me is that he has so many roles in my life and his love for me is both personal, practical, and real. He is constantly teaching me what I need to know for the future as he invites to work with him more and more. I pray that I never stop having new names and roles for my God to fill.